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Cuanbo New Generation matrix,Ruijin Signal management platform on the market

Cuanbo New Generation matrix,Ruijin Signal management platform on the market

New Arrival
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The video industry is fiercely competitive now,a company needs constant innovation to not be eliminated. Cuanboalways carry the quality、concentration、innovate for idea.

The video industry is fiercely competitive now,a company needs constant innovation to not be eliminated. Cuanboalways carry the quality、concentration、innovate for idea.Create the most suitable HD transmission system for the industry.

Cuanbo detrusion MulitVideo-PLUS in 15-year, deeply loved by the user. By the end of 16-year, Cuanbo again detrusion New Generation matrix for market requirement:Ruijin Signal management platform.

Jingang signal management platform is divided into three main blocks:High definition hybrid matrix、Audio matrix、Central control system.

1、HD hybrid matrix:16 card slot,13、14、15、16 channel is fixed output,1~12 channel is can custom input or output.3.2G of exchange backboard support to resolution HDMI 1.4 4K*2K 30HZ,support HDMI、HDBT、Fiber(LC)、DVI、VGA、CVBS、YPBPR、SDI can mixture input or output.

2、Audio matrix:input and output of video board card support add embedded and solution embedded;The audio exchange function with 16 channels;Support from video for embedded audio switching, and also for external audio independent switching, The audio video is switched separately.

3、Central control system: Support RS232 control, WEB control,IPAD,Mobile control,No reinstallation software;Control instructions can be issued to external devices; Control data type: RS232, IR,RELA;Of which HDBT board card of RS232 and IR,can through WEB control to realize creation keypad, IR study.

4、Signal management:The host has 5 inches electric shock design capacity touch screen control operation, through the WEB page can work on matrix signal management, such as: view source connection state information, input and output signal format, resolution, HDCP status view, etc. EDID information management, power supply, temperature, running time, etc. The WEB interface can upgrade firmware.


l The video matrix supports 12x4, 1x15, 8x8, 3x5, 5x3, or more;

l The audio matrix supports both external and inline audio switching, with the largest support for 32-channel input and output audio exchanges;

l The central control system supports multiple control interfaces such as I/O, IR, RS232, RS485, relays, etc;


l Output support HDMI、DVI、HDBT、VGA、YPbPr、CVBS、3G-SDI、OPTICseamless;

l The board card supports hot plug function and single power management;

l Supports WEB browser remote update firmware;

l Support 32 channel scenario presets and calls;

l Support file management EDID functionality;

l Supports user data backup and recovery capabilities;

l The five-inch capacitive touch screen displays the interactive interface, displaying the resolution of the input card,output card and the EDID status information in real time;

l Provide TCP Socket or RS232 command control;