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Multi-format Modular Matrix
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Multi-format Modular Matrix

Modular design on each port, max 6 input and min 2 output ports;
Technical Parameters
System Connection Diagram
Instruction Manual

l Modular design on each port, max 6 input and min 2 output ports;

l Input cards: HDMI/ DVI/ DP/ VGA/ YPbPr/ HDBT/CVBS/ Optic/ 3G HDSDI;

l Output cards: HDMI/ DVI/ DP/ VGA/ YPbPr/ HDBT//CVBS/OPTIC/ 3G HDSDI/Scalar card;

l Up to 4K@60Hz(4:4:4);

l Support daughter card hot plug and alone power management;

l Audio matrix support the external and internal audio switch to each other,max 16 switch to each other;

l Support EDID management;

l Support field FW upgrade;

l Support 32 preset road scene and call ;

l Support RS232, LAN, IR , RS485 and Relay;

l Support Web Server for easy management, monitor and configuration;

l Support Front 5 inch capacitive touch screen display for the input and output of the resolution and EDID status;

l Support the user data backup and restore function;

l Support ethement port TCP Socket or RS232command control;

l Web interface to support full function control, and Show all the status information of the matrix;

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MVP Series 8C I/O cards

HDMI Input and Output cards


l Support 1080p@60Hz, 3D, and up to 4K@60Hz;

l HDCP compliant;

l Support audio embedded and de-embedded.

Model Version               Description

MVPS-I-HDMI2.0                     One HDMI input with audio;

MVPS-O-HDMI2.0                    One HDMI output with audio;


HDBT Transmitter and Receiver Cards with RS-232 and Power Insertion


Support 1080p@60Hz, 3D, and up to 4K@30Hz;

Bidirectional RS-232 control pass through;

HDCP compliant;

Support audio embedded and de-embedded;

Remote power to HDBT transmitters and receivers.

Model Version                    Description

MVPS-I-HDBT1                          One HDBT input with audio, 70m

MVPS-O-HDBT1                         One HDBT output with audio, 70m

MVPS-I-HDBT2                         One HDBT input with audio, 100m

MVPS-O-HDBT2                         One HDBT output with audio, 100m


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