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About Us
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——Trust is the most effective motivation to people.
——Trust is the promise of forming cohesion in a team and tacit coordination in team members.
——Trust is the core factor of forming teamwork spirit.
——Sufficient mutual trust can enable us to reach a consensus, unify thoughts and even unify actions, which is the effective guarantee of executive force.
——Trust can bring the courage of active learning and innovation.
——Respect is the acquaintance, comprehension and recognition to human limitation.
——We should admit everyone will make mistakes.
——We should learn to comprehend there is no perfect thing in the world, which makes us understand what is normal operation.
——The only way to bring rapid and efficient process is to let the people with the most comprehensive information make decisions, which may bring errors. However, this is the price to pay in our growth process, which is a necessity rather than an inessential.
——People’s learning and growth is the basic driving force of an enterprise.
——We should have the courage of self-denial and criticism, which is full manned and sustainable and is not comprehensively negative but is for optimization and comprehensive improvement.
——The courage of fulfilling our duties faithfully and energetically and innovating actively
——The courage of self-challenge and self-breakthrough
——Learn to do right things first, then consider how to do things right.
——Skiing on thin ice, we are safer at high speed.
——We once hesitated for the misses of 100 scores while gained 0 score at last. Experience tells us 0.1 is larger than 0.
——The winner in the future is not based on its size but its speed.
——Communication is to transfer the attitude of trust and respect to every staff, motivating the confidence and creativity of everybody.
——Communication is to prevent “Crisis”, namely perceive the crisis before its happening, and promote the adjustment and change.
——Communication is a process of transferring information, thoughts and feelings among individuals or teams and reaching a consensus for a set objective.
——Communication is only a word of laying magical thinking on people with things going athwart if we do not take consideration to the interests, feelings and benefits for the opposite side or the help for the opposite side.
——Communication is unlimited.
Teamwork Spirit
——A cooperative single-objective persistently-enterprising and skill knowledge & experience complementary team will certainly achieve success in case of any problems.
——Teamwork spirit comes from the dedication of team members and the spirit of self-denial and selflessness.
——View the pattern of things from team benefits and make cooperation become easier with an open mind, while this cooperative spirit is the reflection of teamwork spirit.
——Our exploration team is to advocate teamwork spirit and form the collective intelligence of “Local addition is greater than an entirety” inside an organization.
——Our exploration team can effectively combine individual objectives with team objectives, thus realizing unified action and even unified language.
Crisis Consciousness
——Keep the attitude of “treading as if on thin ice, acting with extreme caution” all the time.
——Crisis consciousness brings us the entrepreneurial spirit of consistency.
——Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living.
——We have no idea when and where “Butterflies” flap their wings but we should know “Cheese” may disappear at any time.
——Executive capacity comes from elimination, so we eliminate the weak and retain the strong while providing wide development space and competitive salaries.
——People will not do what you hope but only do what you check.
——Where there is time, there is success.
——Execution is to deny excessive innovation but establish a simple and efficient process.